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Family Governance:  Making it Work for Your Family

Families with significant wealth are continually challenged by next-generation transitions and various wealth management-related matters.  Whether it’s establishing trusts for newborns, training young adults for leadership within the family structure or closely held business, or educating younger generations on the concept of stewardship, charitable giving, and financial responsibility, there are many issues to consider.  There […]

Beyond Lifestyle Management

Though the business of wealth management is a serious one, I often chuckle when I encounter some of the more cliched assumptions as to what a multi-family office is and does. If I didn’t know better, I would think my colleagues and I were constantly surrounded by glamour and glitz, pressing clients to sign important […]

Having the Wealth Talk

“I can talk with my kids about anything.” “Money?” “No, not that.”   First, A Story Nearly a decade ago, I was meeting with an elderly couple who were revisiting their estate plan for what would prove to be the final time. They were both in their mid-90s, clear-minded, and fully aligned with their gifting […]

10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Private Aviation

Click here to download a PDF of this white paper Though the cost is significant, the benefits of flying private are substantial. It provides you with tremendous convenience and reduces travel stress as you skip the security line, sometimes driving right onto the tarmac to board your jet. For business travelers, the flexibility to be […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering a Family Office

Whether you accumulated wealth over a lifetime of hard work or suddenly came into it via a business exit or inheritance, one of the most common questions within the ultra-high net worth space is what is a family office, and do I need one? A family office is an organization that assumes the day-to-day administration and […]

The Most Frequent Questions Wealthy Family Ask

Should I create my own Single Family Office (SFO) or join a Multi-Family Office (MFO)? In our quest to be intelligent investors, what return expectations should we target, and what mix of traditional and alternative assets will help us achieve it? As we think about robust financial planning, how much can we spend and/or gift […]

Understanding Private Markets

What are the private markets? What are the different types of private investments? How do private markets differ from public markets? What is the importance of due diligence? The private market includes a variety of alternative investments such as private equity, private credit, and/or private real assets. The private markets differ as they are not […]