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Top 10 Signs you Need a Family Office

10. Want to leave a lasting impact on the world through philanthropy but aren’t sure how 9.  Lots of bills to pay and you constantly worry that one will slip through the cracks 8.  Would love an annual family meeting that’s both well organized and engaging, so it’s more likely everyone attends 7.  Concerned that […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering a Family Office

Whether you accumulated wealth over a lifetime of hard work or suddenly came into it via a business exit or inheritance, one of the most common questions within the ultra-high net worth space is what is a family office, and do I need one? A family office is an organization that assumes the day-to-day administration and […]

The Most Frequent Questions Wealthy Family Ask

Should I create my own Single Family Office (SFO) or join a Multi-Family Office (MFO)? In our quest to be intelligent investors, what return expectations should we target, and what mix of traditional and alternative assets will help us achieve it? As we think about robust financial planning, how much can we spend and/or gift […]

Understanding Private Markets

What are the private markets? What are the different types of private investments? How do private markets differ from public markets? What is the importance of due diligence? The private market includes a variety of alternative investments such as private equity, private credit, and/or private real assets. The private markets differ as they are not […]