Top 10 Signs you Need a Family Office

By Matthew Moore

10. Want to leave a lasting impact on the world through philanthropy but aren’t sure how

9.  Lots of bills to pay and you constantly worry that one will slip through the cracks

8.  Would love an annual family meeting that’s both well organized and engaging, so it’s more likely everyone attends

7.  Concerned that the investment portfolio that got you here may not be the right one going forward

6.  Preparing to start a new business or sell an existing one and need an extra set of eyes on the transaction

5.  Coordinating all of your external advisors (Tax, Law, Insurance, etc.) has become a full-time job

4.  Getting ready to purchase another vacation property and need help acquiring, financing, and managing it

3.  Struggling with whether or not to fly private and the best way to do it

2.  Need to start talking to your children about your wealth but need help doing it

1. Your life has simply become too complicated and you need help